RIP, COS Vice President, Technical, Peter Hunt (May 31, 1998).


COS goes online with the establishment of email accounts and a website (www.cos-skating.on.ca).


The fifth annual COS Skating Plus Tour takes place in four locations bringing instruction and dialogue on club management issues to all clubs.


COS hosts the 1999 Synchronized Skating Canada International in conjunction with the Streetsville-Meadowvale Skating Club.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Care is introduced as a COS Patron Sponsor as well as Hershey Kisses and Mackie Moving Systems.


150 Jardin Drive, Unit 7, Concord becomes the new location of the COS offices.


BTS Sports Marketing is contracted by COS to increase its sponsorship base.


COS upgrades its computer hardware  to that the IceCalc computer system can be used at events.


COS hosts the 1999 Bank of Montreal Eastern Divisional Skating Championships in Thornhill.


A revised CanSkate program is implemented in the club which resulted in many coaching seminars being held throughout the section (over 500 coaches trained).


COS unveils a “Club Orientation Handbook” to educate clubs on how special Olympians can be integrated into the club setting.


COS skaters figure prominently at the Eastern Divisional Championships (10 medals), Ontario Interclub Championships (23 medals),  and the Skate Ontario Trillium Synchronized Skating Championships (10 medals)


Nationally …

                1st, Elvis Stojko (Senior Men)

                1st, Brenda Key/Ryan Smith (Junior Dance)

                1st, black ice sr and jr.

                2nd, ICE Infiniti (Junior)

                2nd, Team Odyssey (Adult)

                2nd, Julie MacDonald/Michael Fawcett (Novice Dance)

                2nd, Emanuel Sandhu (Senior Men)

                2nd, Jamie O’Reilly/David Moellenkamp (Junior Pair)

                3rd, The Village Express (Novice)

Internationally ….

                1st, ICE Infiniti, Neuchatel Trophy

                1st, black ice, Milano Spring Cup

                                3rd, Jeff Franklin, Junior International, Mexico City

                3rd, Ice Lightning, Milano Spring Cup

                1st, black ice sr, Synchronized Skating Canada International

                1st, black ice, jr, Synchronized Skating Canada International

                1st, black ice sr, Snowflake International

                2nd, ICE Infiniti, Synchronized Skating Canada Interaternal

                2nd, Jacinthe Lariviere/Lenny Faustino, Grand Prix, SNP

                2nd, black ice, World Challenge Cup

                3rd, Emanuel Sandhu, Trophee Lalique

In the World …


The Euro currency is introduced.


Michael Jordan retires from the NBA.


US President Bill Clinton is acquitted in his impeachment trial.


NATO conducts an air bombardment of Yugoslavia, the first time that organization has attacked a sovereign country.


1999: International Year of the Elderly.


China announces government restrictions on internet usage.

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Elvis Stojko




COS History
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