COS reintroduces the “You and Your Club” training weekend.


BTS is contracted as a consultant by COS to obtain new corporate sponsors.


The Ontario Championships and COSIC were re-categorized using age and test criteria.  This resulted in a plethora of new categories.


Spring Skate ‘97 debuted and was open to all COS skaters except those who qualified for COSIC and those who competed in Pre-Novice at Divisionals or Novice or higher at Sectionals.


COS takes ownership of all NCCP coaching courses for COS coaches and 234 coaches participated in this inaugural year.


COS introduces a Coaching Placement Service.


The Precision Advisory Committee creates the first Precision Teams Handbook.


Disbursements from the Skaters’ Trust fund reaches the $250,000 mark since its inception in 1988.


Nationally …

             1st, Elvis Stojko (Senior Men)

             1st, Emanuel Sandhu (Junior Men)

             1st, Laura Currie/Jeff Smith (Junior Dance)

             1st, Brenda Key/Ryan Smith (Novice Dance)

             1st, black ice (Senior)

             1st, Team Odyssey Adult)

             2nd, Ice Infiniti (Novice)

             2nd, Guiliano Cosentino (Junior Men)

             2nd, Jeff Franklin (Novice Men)

             3rd, Marni Wade/Lenny Faustino (Junior Pair)


Internationally …

             1st, Elvis Stojko, World Championships

             1st, Grand Prix Championship Series final

             1st, NHK Trophy

             1st, Trophee Lalique

             1st, Sun Life Skate Canada International

             1st, Emanuel Sandhu, SNP

             1st, Rhonda Willison, World Special Olympic Games

             1st, Lisa Porter, World Special Olympic Games

             1st, black ice senior, World Challenge Cup

             1st, black ice senior, Laval Precision International

             2nd, Brampton Ice Angels, junior, Laval Precision International

             2nd, Oakville Ice Expression junior, Coupe Internationale

             3rd, Oakville Ice Expression, junior, Spring Cup Milano

In the World …


Zaire joins the World Trade Organization.


Green Bay Packers win their first Super Bowl since 1968.


Scotty Bowman becomes the first NHL coach to reach the 1,000 win mark.


The 167th episode of The Simpsons airs, a new record for an animated series.


Scottish scientists successfully clone the sheep known as Dolly.



Spring Skate ‘97

Emanuel Sandhu


Silver Medalist


COS History
1996 - 1997