With the downsizing of Skate Ontario, COS (and the other Ontario sections) were charged with delivering many provincially developed and funded programs.


You and Your Club was held with the theme “Reach Out...Stretch!”


Juvenile competitive events were introduced at Summer Skate, Octoberfest and Sectionals.


The COS Coaching Committee is restructured in an effort to improve the delivery of information and seminars to the coaching community.


A coaching photo identification is introduced with 60 per cent of COS coaches having valid photo ID’s by year-end.


A multi-level judge/coach conference was held incorporating training for the Austrian Waltz and the Silver Simba.


The COS Tours program took place introducing the new skills program.


COS participates in the Ontario Skaters’ Lottery with 25 clubs selling over 1,800 books of tickets.


The Precision Lines newsletter debuts.


Three COS teams were asked to participate in the National Precision Team program.  They were Brampton Ice Angels, The Elite Express and black ice senior.


$46,142 is awarded to skaters through the Skaters’ Trust program.



Nationally …

                1st, Elvis Stojko (Senior Men)

                1st, Collin Thompson (Junior Men)

                1st, Marni Wade/Lenny Faustino (Novice Pair)

                1st, Jessica Nake/Robert Kiricsi (Novice Dance)

                1st, Barbara Adamson (Special Olympics National Winter Games)

                1st, Rhonda Willison (Special Olympics National Winter Games)

                1st, Lisa Porter (Special Olympics National Winter Games)

                2nd, Laura Currie/Jeff Smith (Junior Dance)

                2nd, Barbara Adamson (Special Olympics National Winter Games)

                2nd, Ashley Poole/Clinton Petersen (Novice Pair)

                3rd, Clinton Petersen ((Novice Men)

                3rd, Marcus Christensen (Senior Men)

                3rd, Janet Emerson/Steve Kavanagh (Senior Dance)

                3rd, Kara Rijnen (Junior Pair)

                3rd, Rhonda Willison (Special Olympics National Winter Games)


Internationally ….

                1st, Elvis Stojko, NHK

                1st Brampton Ice Angels junior, Spring Cup Milano

                2nd, Elite Express junior, Spring Cup Milano

                2nd, black ice senior, Coupe Internationale

In the World …


Betty Rubble debuts as a Flintstone vitamin.


The Czech Republic applies for membership in the European Union.


The 6,138th performance of “Cats” is held in London, making it the longest running musical.


IBM Computer Deep Blue becomes the first computer to win a game of chess against a “reigning human chess champion” (Gary Kasparov).


The toll-free 888 area code is introduced.


Precision Lines

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Elvis Stojko

COS History
1995 -1996