The COS Tour program debuts providing on– and off-ice sessions for COS clubs.


COS hosts the Ontario Interclub Championships.


Louis Stong appointed COS Technical Director.


Photo ID mandatory for all COS Section level competitive coaches, COSIC and interclub coaches as well as section level precision coaches.


COS retrains all senior level judge/evaluators.


Precision junior and senior judges were retrained as a result of the introduction of the short program.


COS hosts the first Precision Canada International competition in Toronto.


Edge to Edge debuts.


COS Board of Directors expands from 20 to 2 members.


COS competitions generate $215,000 in net revenue.


Nationally ….

                1st, Netty Kim (Senior Ladies)

                1st, David D’Cruz (Junior Men)

                1st, Rebecca Salisbury (Junior Ladies)

                1st, Amanda Cotroneo/Mark Bradshaw (Junior Dance)

                2nd, Emanuel Sandhu (Novice Men)

                2nd, Ashley Poole/Clinton Petersen (Novice Pair)

                2nd, Marcus Christensen (Senior Men)

                3rd, Laurie Currie/Jeff Smith (Novice Dance)

                3rd, Janet Emerson/Steve Kavanagh (Senior Dance)

                3rd, Paolo Vaccari (Junior Men)


Internationally …

                1st, Elvis Stojko, World Figure Skating Championships

                1st, Elvis Stojko, Nations Cup

                2nd, Brampton Ice Angels Junior, Precision Canada International

                2nd, black ice senior, Snowflake International

                3rd, The Elite Express, Junior, Precision Canada International


CFSA/Wittnauer Section Accountants Award—David Leaist

CFSA/Wittnauer Judges Award—Marjorie Edmund

CFSA/Wittnauer Section Volunteer Award—Peter Hunt

Elizabeth Swan Award—Donalda Abbot

CFSA/Wittnauer Volunteer Award of Excellence—Janet Faustino

CFSA/Wittnauer CanSkate/FigureSkate Award—Sarah Faulkner

CFSA/Wittnauer Skate of the Year—Shannon Ogle

CFSA/Wittanuer Club Volunteer Award—Glen Holloway

CFSA/Wittnauer Coach of the Year—Bob Emerson

COS Club Coach of the Year—Shelly Crawford

COS Volunteer Coach of the Year—Nancy Whiteford

COS Competitive Coach of the Year—Bo Emerson

COS Honorary Coach Award—Judy McArthur

SunLife Award of Merit—Sarah McDonald

In the World …


Rodney King awarded $3.8m for his beating by Los Angeles police officers.


The first multi-racial election takes place in South Africa.  Congratulations Nelson Mandela.


Toronto NBA franchise unveils the nickname (Raptors) and team logo.


Alexander Solzhenitsyn returns to Russia after 20 years in exile.


OJ Simpson arraigned on double murder charge.


British troops end 153-year presence in Hong Kong.


World Series cancelled—first time in the history of the major leagues.


Netty Kim

COS History
1994 - 1995