COS History
2002- 2003



Jo-Anne Phelps is elected Chair of COS starting a four year term.


COS moves into its new offices at 111 Snidercroft Road, Unit A in Concord.


COS website surpasses 3.5 million hits in less than 24 months of operation


Patti White is promoted to Manager, Programs and Services


COS hosts the 2003 BMO Financial Group – Skate Canada Junior Nationals and the National Festival of Skating, both events held in Brampton


New evaluators and judges are brought into the organization as a result of the 2001 new training program for evaluators and judges.


12 accountants receive promotions during the year and the 4.2.2 version of IceCalc was used for the first time.


The Coaches Committee is restructured to offer a greater voice to all 650 COS coaches.


The Judges Planning Workshop offers a new segment on competition planning


260 coaches participate in the COS NCCP program.


70 skaters participate in the Under 12 Seminar series


Four COS skaters (Rachel Kirkland, Jeffrey Skinner, Alexandra Najarro and Kyra Moscovitch) participate ion the Skate Canada National Youth Camp in Ottawa.


Nine COS skaters participate in the North American Challenge Skate Competitions in Thunder Bay.  They were Sarah Burke, Jordan Frenette, Eric Radford, Patrick Chan,  Michelle Cronin, Brian Shales,  Charlotte Rowell, Adam Schumacher, Richard Guy, Nicole Trach, Sarah Lenko and Michael Whitehead.


Year 3, the final year of the Skate Canada Club Consultations, comes to a close.


Changes to the CanPowerSkate program are introduced leading to a recertification of all CanPowerSkate coaches.


COS hosts the Ontario Special Olympics Winter Games in Barrie.


14,109 tests are tried in COS resulting in 10,405 with passing grades.


COS Award winners include:

            Maxine Garriock - BMO Financial Group CanSkater of the Year

            Victoria Anderson – Skate Canada Program Assistant Award

            Breanne Frankish – Skate Canada STARSkate Athlete Award

            Audrey Wallace – COS Evaluator of the Year

            Michael Roudometkine – J. Thomas Ritter Memorial Award

            Janet Harrop – Skate Canada Section Volunteer Award

            Debbi Elliot – COS Club Coach Award/Skate Canada Club and Recreation

              Coach Award of Excellence

            Ellen Burka – COS Competitive Coach Award/Skate Canada Competitive

              Coach Award of Excellence

            Greg Myles – COS Volunteer Coach Award/Skate Canada Section Volun

              teer Coach Award of Excellence

            Marybelle Nanninga – Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence

            Joyce Hisey – 50-year Volunteer

            Paul Poirier – Skate Canada Competitive Skate Athlete Award

            Robert Hatfield – Skate Canada Section Officials Award

            Lorna Schroder – Skate Canada Officials Award of Excellence


Internationally …

ISU Grand Prix, Milan, October 30, November 3, 2002

                        2nd        Signe Ronka

ISU Junior Grand Prix, Bratislava, Sloakia, October 3-6, 2002

                        2nd        Chantal Poirier and Jesse Sturdy

ISU Junior Grand Prix, Scottsdale, AZ, September 19-22, 2002

                        3rd        Ken Rose

ISU Junior Grand Prix, Courcheval, France, August 21-25, 2002

                        3rd        Signe Ronka

Nebelthorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany, September 4-7, 2002

                        1st         Valerie Marcoux and Craig Buntin

North American Challenge, Dieppe, NB, August 8-11, 2002

                        3rd        Michelle Cronin and Brian Shales

Lake Placid International Novice Dance Competition

                        2nd        Sarah Lenko and Michael Whitehead

Zabreb Snowflake Trophy, Zagreb, Croatia, March 6-8, 2002

                        1st         black ice

                        1st         Ice Lightning

North American Synchronized Skating International, Detroit

                        2nd        Gold Ice

Prague Cup, Prague, Czech Republic, January 31-February 2, 2003

                        1st         Gold Ice


2003 BMO Financial Group Canadian Championships

            1st         Jacinthe Lariviere and Lenny Faustino (Senior Pair)

            1st         Ken Rose (Senior Men)

            3rd        Elizbeth Putnam and Sean Wirtz (Senior Pair)

3rd        Elizabeth Putnam (Junior Women)

2003 BMO Financial Group Skate Canada Junior Nationals

            1st         Michelle Cronin and Brian Shales (Novice Pair)

            1st         Patrick Chan (Pre-Novice Men)

            3rd        Sarah Burke and Jordan Freneete (Novice Pair)

            2nd        Natalie Kwong (Juvenile Women)

            2nd        Amanda Ellis and Scott Durno (Juvenile Dance)

            3rd        Paul Poirier (Juvenile Men)

2003 BMO Financial Group Skate Canada Synchronized Nationals

            1st         Gold Ice Junior

            2nd        Fusion Senior   

2003 BMO Financial Group National Festival of Synchronized Skating

            1st         Synergy Junior

            1st         Iced Energy Novice

            3rd        Leaside Ice Elite Novice

2003 BMO Financial Group National STARSkate Championships

            1st         Rodolfo Guilherme (Gold Men Triathlon)

            1st         Courtney Russell and Kyle Elliott (Silver Biathlon)

            2nd        Emma Hyatt (Silver Ladies Triathlon

            3rd        Cindy Hatt and Kim Wilson (Gold Biathlon)

In the World …


US and Afgan troops launch Operation Anaconda against al-Qaida in Afganistan.


Chechen rebels take 763 hostages in a Moscow theatre on October 23rd. 647 are rescued safely.


The UN announces that an additional 65million could perish worldwide due to AIDS if preventative measures are not expanded.


The space shuttle Columbia explodes on February 1st, killing all seven astronauts.



A NASA-Princeton University probe accurately determines the the universe is 13.7 billion years old.




   Jo-Anne Phelps, COS Incoming Chair


 Jacinthe Lariviere and Lenny Faustino
Senior Dance Champions of Canada


BMO Financial Group Skate Canada Junior Nationals

Brampton, Ontario

Ken Rose

Petra Burka—Skate Canada Competitive Coach Award of Excellence

        Michelle Cronin and Brian Shales—Pre Novice Champions of Canada

Gold Ice—Canadian Junior Synchro Champions


The COS office is located at 111 Snidercroft Road
Unit A in Concord.

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