COS History
1979- 1980



Bob Howard named the 10th President of COS.


The first Canadian Professional Skating Championships are held at Ice Galaxy in Scarboro.  Tickets are $2.50 apiece.


800 COS coaches underwent some form of formal training  during the year.


58 judges seminars were held in the section for the further training of judges.


The COS Skater Development Committee is formed.


Eastern Canadian Divisionals is held in Markham


12 of 39 COS skaters who participated in the Canadian Championships returned with a medal


Five COS skaters represented the section at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics  They were Lorna Wighton, Barbara Underhill, Paul Martini, Heather Kemkaran and Tracey Wainman.


At the St. Ivel Ice International in Richmond England Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini win gold in Senior Pair, Tracey Wainman finishes second in Senior Women while Kelly Johnson and Kris Barber finish fifth in dance.


Kay Thomson finishes fourth at the Vienna Cup competition which was won by Katarina Witt of East Germany.


COS celebrates the first National Skating Week with a wide range of club event.


COS undertakes the first ever research program in North America to investigate and then improve the fitness levels of young figure skaters.


Over 13,000 tests in COS are conducted in 179 test day sessions.


COS skaters participate in the Ennia Challenge Cup in The Hague with Gary Beacom finishing fifth (Men) and Joanne French and John Thomas finishing fourth (Dance).


COS celebrates the United Nations’ “Year of the Child” urging member clubs, members and officials that “It is incumbent upon us to contribute on an individual basis to the best of our ability if we are to discharge our duties in a responsible manner.  While the objectives may differ from skater to skater (sic) it is of the utmost importance to work as a team and ask that all contribute in order to make this year memorable and, at year end, close with worm feelings in recognition of the “Year of the Child” as not being some illusive dream but rather with a real sense of accomplishment through a collective team effort.”



13-year old Barbara Butler of the Oakville Skating Club was selected as “Athlete of the Month” for April by the Oakville Journal Record.


Canadian Championships

            1st        Heather Kemkaren (Senior Women)

            1st        Lorna Wightman and John Dowding (Senior Dance)

            1st        Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini (Senior Pair)

            2nd        Meredith Owen (Novice Women)

            2nd        Donna Martini and John Coyne (Junior Dance)

            3rd        Barbara Butler (Novice Women)

            3rd        Tracey Wainman (Senior Women)

            3rd        Gary Beacom (Senior Men)

            3rd        Dianne Stewart (Junior Women)




 Tracey Wainman

In the world …


Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor becomes a celebrity by helping six Americans escape Tehran during the Iranian Revolution.


May 3, 1979—Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first woman Prime Minister,


Most of Mississauga is evacuated to avoid a derailed train carrying hazardous chemicals.


A nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island threatens to meltdown.  144,000 residents of Middletown, PA are evacuated.


John Lennon is shot dead in New York City.


The Pittsburgh Pirates win their first World Series since 1961.


Scorboro Ice Galaxy


Fitness First!



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