COS History
1975- 1976



Shirley Marsden named the ninth President in COS history.


17,000 tests are taken in COS an increase of 5,000 tests from the 1973-74 total.


COS hosts an unprecedented 113 interclub competitions.


At the June, 1975 CFSA Board of Directors meeting the border between WOS and COS was discussed and resolved.  With defined territories, the Harriston, Mildmay, Paisley and Walkerton clubs officially became members of COS.


10 NST clinics were held with over 500 coaches being trained.


The COS judges bureau celebrates 20 years.


COS purchases an answering machine for the Judges Bureau to provide enhanced customer service.


COS was well represented at the Nebelhorn Trophy Championship as team members included Kathy Ostapchuk (7th),  Karen Newton and Glenn Laframboise (3rd), Lorna Wighton and John Dowding (1st) and Judie Jeffcoat and Keith Swindlehurst (10th).


Karen Newton and Glen Laframboise (3rd) and Kathy Ostapchuk (4th) skate at the IX Grand Prix International in St. Gervais, France.


The COS Judges Bureau celebrates 20 years!


Heather Kemkaren wins gold at the Fourth International Figure Skating Ladies Championship for the City of Vienna Trophy.


3,000 more tests were held in 1975-76 than in 1974-75 and 5,000 more than in 1973-74.


38 Team COS skaters represented the Section and the Canadian Championships.


COS unveils a voice message system for the Judges Bureau.


Fall seminars are unveiled for COS clubs to discuss mutual items of interest.


200 applications are received for the new Trial Judging format.



     COS boasts 23 off-season schools.


COS receives an unprecedented 300+ applications for the Skate-In ’75 conference.


Canadian Championships

            1st        Patricia Fletcher and Kris Barber (Novice Dance)

            1st        Deborah Allbright (Junior Women)

            1st        Vern Taylor (Junior Men)

            1st        Deborah and Gregory Young (Junior Dance)

            1st        Toller Cranson (Senior Men)

            1st        Barbara Berezowski and David Porter (Senior Dance)

            2nd        Gary Beacom (Junior Men)

            2nd        Susan Carscallen and Eric Gillies (Senior Dance)

            2nd        Karen Felesko (Junior Women)

            3rd        Stan Bohonek (Senior Men)

            3rd        Joanne French and John Thomas (Novice Dance)


            1st, Lorna Wighton and John Dowding (Nebelhorn Trophy)

            1st, Heather Kembaran (City of Vienna Trophy)

            3rd, Karen Newton and Glenn Laframboise (Nebelhorn Trophy; St. Gervais)




Barbara Berezowski and Chris Porter


In the World …


British inflation hits 12.5% on June 13, 1974.


The Suez Canal opens after 8 years on June 5, 1974.


On October 1, 1975 Mohammed Ali wins the “Thrilla in Manila!”


October 1, 1976:  Mirabel International Airport opens in Montreal.


February 29, 1976—World military spending hits the #00 billion mark, 60% of which spent by the United States and the USSR.


Judges Bureau


Heather Kemkaren




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