COS History
1974- 1975

1974 - 1975


Nebelhorn Competition – Oberstdorf, Germany
      Pairs: 2nd Candy Jones and Don Fraser
      Dance: 4th Susan Carscallen and Eric Gillies

1975 Canadian Championships

Senior Men: 1st Toller Cranston; 2nd Robert Rubens; 3rd Stan Bohonek
Senior Pairs: 1st Candy Jones and Don Fraser
Senior Dance: 1st Barbara Berezowski and David    Porter; 2nd Susan Carscallen and         Eric Gillies
Junior Men: 3rd Gary Beacom; 6th Vern Taylor
Junior Women: 6th Deborah Albright
Junior Pair: 1st Marie-Ellen and Bernard Souche; 2nd Karen Newton and Glenn        Laframboise
Junior Dance: 1st Judie Jeffcott and Keith Swindlehurst; 2nd Debbie and Greg Young;        4th Cindy Wilson and David Leblanc
Novice Men: 2nd Ricky O’Neil; 6th Michael Shinni   manNovice Women:
       6th Kelly Hume
Novice Pair: 2nd Barbara Underhill and Lim Sorchan
Novice Dance: 6th Patricia Fletcher and Kristopher Barber

81 skating clubs call Central Ontario Section home.

14, 000 test tried; only 80 judges evaluating them

Sub-Sectionals and Sectionals – hosted by the Unionville Skating Club

Sub-Sectionals, November 16-17: 71 entries in Pre-Novice and Novice, 24 entries for sectionals

Sectionals, November 28-30 & December 1: 165 entries in 16 events

Eastern Canadian Divisional Championships, January 8-11, 1975 – Oshawa, 55 skaters represented C.O.S.

Canadian Championships, January 26th- February 2nd, 1975 – Quebec City, 38 skaters represented C.O.S.
Dr. Suzanne Francis and David Dore are elected to the CFSA Board of Directors.

Discussions were held with CFSA and WOS with regard to the boundary line between COS and WOS. All the clubs in COS territory which may be members of WOS are now affiliated with COS. This means that the Harriston, Mildmay, Paisley and Walkerton clubs now fall under the jurisdiction of COS.

25th Anniversary of the Unionville Skating Club, 1975.

  Toller Cranston

In the World …

April 8, 1974:  Hank Aaron becomes the new MLB home run king.


Patty Hearst joins the Symbionese Liberation Army by robbing a San Francisco bank.


On December 20, 1974, the House of Commons expands to 282 seats.


September 17, 1974:  the RCMP accepts women as officers.




Angola granted independence from Portugal.


A gun toting Yassar Arafat addresses the United Nations on November 13, 1974

Candy Jones and Don Fraser






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