Creemore Figure Skating Club starts up operation.


The Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club hosts the Canadian Championships.


Ian Campbell is elected to the COS Executive Committee. 

Mr. Campbell is the only member of the Executive to be a charter member of the COS Board of Directors.


Many clubs, formerly included in the northern portion of Western Ontario Section become members of COS. This was necessitated by a CFSA mandate changing Ontario from three sections to four.


Skate-In debuts


Canadian Championships


Senior Women: 1st Linda Carbonetto; 3rd Cathie Lee   Irwin

Senior Men: 1st Jay Humphrey; 2nd David McGillivray;                        3rd Toller Cranston

Senior Dance: 1st Donna Taylor and Bruce Lennie; 2nd  

          Mary Church and Tom Falls; 3rd Hazel Pike and

          Phillip Boskill

Senior Pair: 1st Anne Forder and Richard Stevens; 2nd

             Mary Petrie and Robert McAvoy; 3rd Sandra and            Val Bezic

Junior Pair: 1st Mary Petrie and Robert McAvoy; 2nd

          Sandra and Val Bezic; 3rd Debbie Jones and

           Michael Bradley

Junior Women: 1st Mary Petrie; 3rd Diane Hall

Junior Men: 2nd John McWilliams

Junior Dance: 2nd Brenda Sandys and James Holdden; 3rd

             Beth Anne Ralbosky and Richard Dowding

Novice Men: 1st Roger Uemae; 2nd Peter Penev

Novice Women: 2nd Arlene Hall

Novice Dance: 3rd Patricia LeMasters and Stephen      Piluke



In the World …


April 20, 1968.  Pierre Trudeau becomes Canada’s 15th Prime Minister.


June 6, 1968:  RFK succumbs to a sniper’s bullet.


“Broadway Joe” Namath leads the AFL New York Jets to a stunning upset of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III (16-7).


January 20, 1969:  Richard Nixon becomes the 37th President of the United States.


February 8, 1969:  RIP—Saturday Evening Post.


February 13, 1969:  FLQ terrorists bomb Montreal Stock Exchange


March 17, 1969:  Golda Meir becomes the first Prime Minister of India.

TCS—Home of the 1969 Canadian Championships

COS History
1968 - 1969