COS History
1963- 1964

1963 - 1964


1964 Olympic Championships
      Pairs: 3rd Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell
      Women: 3rd Petra Burka
World Championships
      Women: 3rd Petra Burka
      Pairs: 3rd Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell
      Dance: 2nd Paulette Doan and Kenneth Ormsby
Canadian Championships
      Senior Women: 1st Petra Burka; 2nd Wendy Griner;
      Senior Men: 1st Charles Snelling
      Senior Dance: 1st Paulette Doan and Kenneth Ormsby; 2nd Carole Forrest and       Kevin Lethbridge
      Senior Pair: 1st Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell
      Senior Fours: 1st Bonnie Anderson, Laura Maybee,       David Dore, Greg Folk
      Junior Pair: 1st Susan and Paul Huehnergard
      Junior Women: 2nd Roberta Laurent; 3rd Marjorie        Hare
      Junior Men: 1st Toller Cranston; 2nd Paul Crowther
      Junior Dance: 1st Gail Snider and Wayne Palmer;     2nd Lynn Matthews and       Bryon Topping

Ian Campbell elected as the fifth President of COS.

92 skaters from the Aurora Skating Club participate in an ice show commemorating the 100th anniversary of the town.

Canadian Women’s Champion Petra Burka,  who also was an Olympic and World Championship bronze medalist, is named Canada’s top female athlete in a 1964 annual Canadian Press Poll.

The CFSA Olympic Trials are held at the Maple Leaf Gardens on November 21-22, 1963. COS skaters named to the Canadian team, which was unfortunately overshadowed by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, were Wendy Griner, Petra Burka, Charles Snelling, Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell.

The first COS Test Chairman seminar is held, conducted by Sidney Soanes.

Petra Burka is named Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year

August 1963 – Dr. S.V. Soanes judged his 9,000th skating test.

COS was represented at the World Championships by Petra Burka (3rd, Women), Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell (3rd, Pairs) and Paulette Doan and Kenneth Ormsby (2nd, Dance).

COS adds a new event in Sectionals by holding eliminations for the Novice Women event

Maple Leaf Gardens hosts the CFSA Olympic trials on November 22-23, 1963.  The trials were overshadowed and interrupted by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

COS implements a regulatory policy to limit the number of skating clubs being established.  Too many clubs were being established and hurting the membership of existing clubs.

30 of 41 COS clubs joined the Judges Bureau

Petra Burka is named Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year.

COS Olympians include Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell (3rd, Pair) and Petra Burka (3rd, Women).

On February 18, 1964 a conference on pair judging was held at the Granite club with the purpose of establishing a uniform standard for the judging of the new CFSA pair tests.

Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell – Canadian and North American Pair Champions

In the World …

President Kennedy is gunned down in Dallas on November 22nd.

Gordie Howe passes Maurice Richard with his 545th NHL goal on November 19, 1963.

In Washington on August 28, 2963, Martin Luther King utters those famous words, “I have dream!”

On February 12, 1964, the Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.






Maple Leaf Gardens—Home of the CFSA Olympic Trials



Dr. Sidney Soanes
Dr. Sydney Soanes







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