Canadian Champions

           Senior Women: 1st Wendy Griner; 2nd Petra Burka

           Senior Dance: 1st Paulette Doan and Kenneth            Ormsby; 3rd C. Forrest and K. Lethbridge

           Senior Pair: 1st Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell

           Junior Pair: 2nd G. Desjardins and M. LaFrance; 3rd            S/P Huehnergard

           Junior Women: 1st Jenny Marie Sanders;

           2nd G. Tatton; 3rd M. Hare

           Junior Men: 2nd P. McCordic

           Junior Dance: B. Lilley and J. Brooker;

           2nd L. Matthews and B. Topping; 3rd J. Richardson            and B. Baillie


Barbara Wagner, Bob Paul, Maria and Otto Jelinek, Donald Jackson and Wendy Griner all skate as part of the Ice Revue of ’62 at Maple Leaf Gardens.


COS hold eliminations for the Novice Women’s event at Sectionals.


Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club offer their first summer skating school program.


Donald Jackson wins the Louis Marsh Trophy for outstanding athletic achievement this past year.


COS athletes who participated in the 1962 World Champions are feted to a reception at Toronto City Hall.


Summer Skate debuts.


COS creates a committee to study the impact of recreational rinks being constructed in the vicinity of COS clubs.


Debbi Wilkes and Guy Revell – Canadian and North American Pair Champions


Sub-Sectionals debut in COS on a trial basis.




Wilkes suffers a fractured skull skating in Cortina, Italy thus preventing she and partner Guy Revell from skating in the World Championships.

In the World …



COS History
1962 - 1963