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One hundred & eleven clubs! Six hundred, fifty coaches and officials! Twenty-eight thousand skaters.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of Skate Canada-Central Ontario, we wish to acknowledge the commitment that our corporate partners have made to Skate Canada-Central Ontario and to the sport of skating as a whole. Whether it be a section-wide sponsorship, advertising support or in-kind donations to one or more components of the Skate Canada - Central Ontario competition schedule, the commitment of our corporate partners enables our organization to offer high quality programs for our skaters, coaches, officials and member clubs. Our success is a direct result of your collective commitments to the great sport of skating.

Without the support of corporate sponsors, Skate Canada-Central Ontario would be unable to provide the skating programs.

Skate Canada - Central Ontario Welcomes Corporate Partner …

Ricoh Image Communication
4100 Yonge Street
(416) 218-8200

Skate Canada - Central Ontario is pleased to welcome Ricoh Image Communication. as a corporate partner.

Ricoh Image Communication. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Corporation. They are pioneers in the development of computer and digital multifunctional document systems and market leaders in colour and black and white digital systems, facsimilie products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators, document management and engineering systems.

Ricoh Image Communication will be providing photocopiers for Skate Canada - Central Ontario events over the next 66 months. We appreciate Ricoh's commitment to skating and amateur sport in general and we would urge you to visit to learn more about this worldwide leader in quality document and copier management solutions.

P.O. Box 267,
Alvinston, ON., N0N 1A9
(519) 898-2897

JB Video joins the Skate Canada - Central Ontario list of corporate partners for the 2008-2009 season. A seasoned videographer of skating and dance competitions, JB Video will be on site at all COS competitions providing great personalized videos and DVD's of your child's skating performance.


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